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"THE 14 STRINGS OF GLORIAN - Dominating Hate TV" (2012)


Вячеслав Карижинский

Запись альбома 2012 год.

1 - Boy In The Garage

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He comes alone, he comes at night
Undressed to pain just to reach your life
Strings are touched by his hand time around
He is falling down

His sympathy is on the ground
He masturbates to husky sound

Time stands still, no remorse
Bittersweet is the curse
Beating meat on rusty floor
No one cries at the door

Blood and sweat - thirst is quenched
Body drained - wearings drenched
Touch the strings, accords weep
All your rush, cruel and deep

Love is value of hurt
In the fray, in the dirt
He comes back with his lash
Bruising you in the trash

2 - My Lovely Black

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I like the trigger
Under my finger
Black as my wearing
And as my inner

Killing the fragrant
Beautiful people
Black as the vagrant
Shadows of evil

This can be my victory
Black against my enemy

All little bitches
Hiding from my view
Black are my teachers
And my hard sinew

Black is the tunnel
Where they will rape you
Black is the angel
That will erase you

Take away your misery
Black will show my enemy

Black will protect in the Gethsemane garden
Where Judas burns in his lust pretty ardent
Shelter the whisper and glimmer of my blade
All bloody demons can't tangle my hate

Shoot here - I'm lost
Shoot there - you're ghost
I shoot - you fall
I take control

This will be my victory
Black against my enemy

Bottle and courage
Black as the pub gate
Alcohol storage
And smell of colgate

Guns can you pull it?
Forces are harder
Get my all bullets
Sick motherfucker

3 - Dominating Hate TV

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You all must be astounded
Forget your happiness
The lack of senses grounded
We'll set up to distress

The everlasting slaughter
The dancing Lucifer
Are on the lighted corner
In day and night transfer

Watch 24 hours
The dominating hate TV

Freezing still you see
Weeping lies of me
Vulture ripping heart
Something then will never turn behind
Miseries of earth
Perish in your heart
You are dead preteen
I can give you guarantee

You are
Murderd by love
Hunted by death
Broken by me
You must stay
You must see

4 - Out Of Home

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Leaning down the evening
On the shadowed lonely road
I run from bitter meaning
Of the foreign lonely world

Well, I don't need myself
No one there will light my way
And I am out of home
Drifting on the emptiness

5 - Chasm Of Hate

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I swear my kins are kindest folks
And I was not assumed for pain
If I could change the whole discourse
I'd fight for love time and again

But wicked forces stand on me
Enthralled and wretched, weak and frail
My broken body's spirit flees
In heat of rage like liquid rail

The seas of blood drown in my eyes
And hurricanes of pain blow in
I lift my look up to the skies
And see the chasm of hate within

And river of the thousand moans
Runs through my heart as black disease
I lie in fever on the stones
And wait my dreadful life to see

6 - My Life Is Grave

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I stumble on the lonely word
And feel the numbness in my soul
The angels smile and lick the sword
With blood of Eden getting cold

And everything is meaningless
But vital needs and eyes kept close
The higher substance in regress
And we are pieces all disposed

So never we shall be togerther
So always shall we be in haste
You'd hide your sympathy - I'd rather
Advance my black acquital hate

They'll find me broken in the morning
That very place the city line
Like battered dog I bleed not wanting
Your arms to save the heart of mine

You fear - I do love it
Your spirit is my slave
I can't get above it
My whole life is grave

7 - Alcohol Centipedes And Other Bullshit

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Drank this bottle of pills and alcohol
Feeling sick
Centipedes ran on my ceiling
I am not sleeping yet
I've drunk the wine and whiskey
Shaved my face
Laid down in the stereo lights
To breathe the stars
Seven-cornered rainbow raised
And my window's been broken down
(To underwater ways)
Went to see the sky
Walking through the glass
In the ocean
Meeting all that's been poisoned
Recovering my past (fucking years)
10 years, 12 years last...
Come alive
Where the fuck I am?
Who the fuck I am?
Who the fuck are you?
I loved you and I hated you
(I still do)

8 - Keep Running

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All the lines we left in haze
Break into the rapid winter rain
As I feel the subtle pain
I don't take those loves we spent in vain

I hold my compass to the North
It's hard to leave, it's hard to grow
And tempest sheds the road to sun
Forever on the run

We keep running
We keep singing
We do follow our
Magic silver lines

All the traces were outblown
Buried in the papers dry and the snow
It was numb offence
But it's been vanished all and hence...

There is a little to forgive
Our time was somehow young and pure
You see there is no longer me
I see there is no longer you

We keep running
We keep singing
We keep running
Time and again...

9 - Turbid Stars (Bonus Track 2007)

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Turbid stars
Sick of cold
Grieve for years

Weak pale eyes
Call the storm
Where to flee

All their dreams are coming back to dark

These images abhorred like murdered hearts
Devour hope and beg me for the end
The only thing I love, I've ever got
Destroys itself and dies right in my hand

Covenant land
Utterly spoiled
Sewage of mad
Human kind throe

Lust and bliss
And revere
Mad hungers

10 - Fuck Them Up (Bonus Track)

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Sick of bastards in the crowd
Hear their bullshit screaming loud
Drug yourself with righteous hate
And the bullet will not wait

Hit their motherfucking mugs
Filthy scum, he sells the drugs
That one seeks for schoolgirl's cunt
Let bohemian lion's hunt

Beat the tax-collector's nose
And the trickster's sly dispose
Fuck the system in the root
And become the fucking brute

Send them fucking hell away
After all of them did pay
Government won't save your ass
As this fucking world regressed

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