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"THE 14 STRINGS OF GLORIAN - Road To The Silent Hill" (2010)


Вячеслав Карижинский

Запись альбома 2016 год.


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I'm in love with my six-shooter gun
Watching all the filthy bastards run
Will of God has entered my sick head
I devote myself to all the damned

I will never care up on my goddamn road
What's really insane
I bring salvation to all who can't do anything
With the shit all around

I always dare, I always rise
As your fine Lord or black demise
I always see and always find
Thin line between me and your mind...


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I see Johnny walks the public place
And I know he hates that fucking mess
That will see the final glory night
In the fire and the blitzkrieg fight

Then he ever smokes cigar and rides alone

Bishop, nuns and prosecutors fall
"I do hate you, motherfuckers, all!" -
Sings the gun in desperate guy's strong hand
We shall see them all again in hell

Then he turns his "Ventures" on and rides alone

Sheriff do you really ever care
What the good man does when town's unfair?
- Yes, - he said, - and he must surely die
Sheriff screwed up his dark silver eye

Then he bought potatoes and went away

Then I saw the fucking slaughter come
And I didn't walk and I did not run
I knew I was good man and I'd not be killed
Like the motherfucker-sheriff that won't kneel

Then I'll take my whiskey and come back home

Hi, Bad Johhny!
Hi, Bad Johhny, how are you?
May the fucking hell take you...


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How do you spend your time
When you're with friends?
Smile that is so sublime
Does it know the trends

Of any pain in things miscarried
Of any pain at all?
No, it's not your call...

The moments pass and you're forgetting
Whatever happens to
Your airy heart

And nothing binds us and nothing will
On the road to the silent hill
In the still stranger's manners and
Worthless dreams when there is an end

Not even single glance
Lost in the crowd
Winter's sharp freezing lance
Pierced me inside

The moments pass and you are forgetting
Whatever happens to
Your skyborn heart

The world I dream of is more unfrienfdly
Than this one known
The gray and thrown...

And nothing binds us and nothing will
On the road to the silent hill


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Pace away, none will take you back again
You have played silly role up to the end
Take frown away
Take your words away
Take your hands away

You are only one
Mistreated by the sun
All neglecting strain
Always spent in vain


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I feel like renegade
In the kingdom of the fools
Running in the night
To their end

I keep head up high
On the road of loneliness
Running from my night
Somewhere else


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Stable needs credit feeds
You're not free in this greed

Come down!
That ground
Of joy!

No escape, you will grape
Master's land crashing your hand

Just try!
To die!
In thy
Ceased cry...


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Time sounds nothing in its turns
Pages cut and diaries burn
Time selects th fast to loose
And turns then over all the rules

See no evil in the simple turn of stars
See the boundaries in the bottomlss designs
See the small reflected cute and big and blind
So don't think that something can avoid the sight


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Stones are falling, the frost astounding
The time I'm taking runs like the welkin
And gets me hunted by the nothern skies

Not explaining I try to put in
The frozen words all my inner ruin
And there's no chance to breathe poetic lies

Oh If I knew it all before the time of tears I would play the world
World away

And the angels bring holy vengeance
I know they kill in cruel riddling
And everything must fail before go fine

Oh If I knew it all before the time of tears I would play the world
Play the world away

Oh, if the calendar comes carry me away
I would thank my God,
Lonely sod.


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Change my heart, change my expectations
Dig the hard, start the recreation

Until the leeches all get lost from path of mine
And all the rumors from their mouths forever left behind

Will I see the world outcoming from the haze?
The asshole of reality is all I gaze.
And trace of nightmare still I drag through sober days
And what else striking can appear here to amaze?


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There is a bawdy flat down there in cool downtown
And when I feel fucked up I go there down'n'down

Staring and gazing
The bodies amazing
The flowers raising
The towers lazing at me

There's a place to stay
And my loaded tool to lay
And through songs
Scarlet breasts jib at your palms

I pray the priestess please go suck me out of life
Torture my skin and bring me bliss so that's hard to survive

Dancing and banging
Turning and begging
On the meat standing
Like Babylon for you

I want you...

I don't need sympathy in roundabout of pain
I need no love but blowing rush with beauty once again

Dancing and banging
Turning and begging
On the meat standing
Like Babylon for you

There's a place to stay
And my wicked head to lay
Off the songs
Take the fleeting warm of palms


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You stick your nose in my
Damn life and every morning
You keep your oak eye high
On my polluted corner

Do you watch me fade away
Or you like the sneeking round me
Whom I sleep with and which way
It's your duty to surround me

Will you then imagine me
In your bed I don't think so, dear
You won't get your hard-on me
We both live in hate and cruel fear

You may greed for my descent
You may hate my perfume scent
You will never dare say a word
Should I care the shit you are...


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Another lonely morning
Caressed your face with scarlet
But empty sight of roaming
Leaves nothing for the outlet

And wheels keep rolling yards and
The lonely miles and gardens
But what may sign your home is here
In the void of all the world around you

Stop looking round
You may cross the Earth and...

Another lonely evening
The food and buzzy drinking
The fading light in your eyes
Keep the years packed in the miles

And whells keep rolling yards and
The lonely miles and gardens
But what may sign your home is here
In the void of world around you

Stop and look around
You may cross the Earth
And the point is still the same place
Lonely miles...


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Deliver me out of the sadness
Deliver me from all the madness
Deliver me courage to guide me
Deliver me Your strength inside me

All of my life
I've been in hiding
Wishing there was someone just like you
Now that you're here
Now that I've found you
I know that you're the one to pull me through

Deliver me loving and caring
Deliver me giving and sharing
Deliver me this cross that I'm bearing

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