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"GEHEIMNIS VON ZERSTOERUNG - Taedium Vitae" (2016)

Вячеслав Карижинский

Запись альбома 2016 год.

1 - The Frontiers Of Captivity

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(Lyrics: Victor Marie Hugo)

Bucca fissa usque ad aures
Genzivis denudatis
Nasoque murdridato
Masca eris et ridebis semper
Moenibus surdis campana muta
Multos tenebimus bastonerios
Qui obmutescentes
Sergentare valeant
Surge signo jussus
Taciturnior esto

2 - Taedium Vitae

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Buried in the ground
Truncated world
Burning suffering
The woe untold

Tremoring my veins
The wailed mind
Illuminated dire
The dying fire

Pain gathering
The mask of crime is falling
Above my wrecking head
The bleeding hate
Hate and scorn so tired
To death I cry my prayer
This light of dying
A blissful loss of self

3 - Sentinels Of Gehenna

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Oh, angels of decay
Put to sleep the sentinels of Gehenna
And let my leaden flesh
Burst into blossom

Before my curse break forth the sky
To never come back to my shining tent
Until the kingdom come
In this dense darkness
Of Azrael's night
Dappled with the colors of rejoicing

And in the furnace of impudence
I wish to know the body and the soul of my beloved one
Confirming my world and my rule
Turning the pain of my doomed existence
To celestial choirs of will and freedom
And of wedding divine

4 - My Wine Of Wickedness

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At the hour
When my maddened semen
Rushed into my beloved
Conquer pain of our loneliness
Of estrangement and of exile
Let me sever my wine of wickedness

5 - Extinguished In Disgust

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