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Вячеслав Карижинский

Запись альбома 2009 - 2012 год. Мастеринг 2016 год.

1 - Paranoid Hate

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Crash your fucking fingers, rotten bones!
Rip your filthy heart, put your eyes out!
Rape your fucking cunt, spit on your tears!
Watch your children die - fucking jackals!
Let the inscects eat your mouth!
Cry out loud, weep, motherfucker!
Hatred to you pumps inside of me!
Fills my whole damn life!
Suffocate my dreams!
I'd see you suffer crushed by torments
Forver, forever, forevemore
In this fucking hell!!!

2 - The Edxtremum Of Loathing

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Not for the patience or mercy I call
But for weapon and fair destruction
As the hate cannot wait any longer
Justifying our helpless existence
Lie and steal and betray with deception
Live your days for a piece of a whore
As all heroes got lost in her cunt

Your fair world
My disgrace
My fair slaughter
Thy perdition

Now I'm your fucking god that would judge
And I'm your fucking fear unrestricted
Full of terror and protest
I'm rejoicing your tormentous deaths
I contempt your vile poisonous living
And abominate your frail souls
And I fuck you in your fucking arses
I will never forgive you

3 - Emphysemic Visions

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All my dear deomposites
Herolds of the filth loom in
Rusty fast decay I see
All that's torn and scabbed within

Uglify my wicked dreams
To the rotting fjord of clay
All disgusting rules and reams
And not for the rest we lay

4 - 1000 Knives Heart

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Boiling with larvae in your rotting heart
Pious disease deforming wretched face
Falling to pieces you’re the stinking shard
Liquids of smolder tie you up in brace

Voice mutilated, purulent limbs crash
Vomiting life with poison till it bleeds
Curse life forever – here’s the coming splash
Thousand knives heart – your suffer they can feed

Hail the darkness! (Persecute your hope)
Torn from kindness (Illusion to ensnare)
In your blindness! (Where you still could grope)
Reap the madness! (To rip without a care)

5 - A Drowning (How To Destroy Angels Cover)

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It's the glare from the reflection
Making patterns in your eyes
It's the looking back in anger
With every second slipping by
Undertow has come to take me
Got it by the blazing sun
Look at everything around us
And look at everything we've done

Please, anyone
I don't think I can save myself
I'm drowning here

There's a tiny little window
Swarms of locust fill the sky
Maybe I just disappear
If I can keep my head above the tide

Please, anyone
I don't think I can save myself
I'm drowning here

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