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Запись альбома 2012 г

1 - Body Of Silence

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Ardour of your stealth
Body of silence
Kisses after death
Black lands

2 - Death The Irreversible

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Burying down the cold gray flesh
Still beneath the dirty sky
Your sick heart this death will lash
As the the funeral letters cry

Essense of the green-blue stench
Torn cadaver all inflated
Mutilated tissues drenched
I can see, can breathe, can take it

Debt of mine - to stand and bear
Till the frozen ash is gone there
Holy crime - my evil care
Turning not away off forbear

You are my funeral
My untimely end

3 - Mind Hypnosis

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These are the death machines
The mind hypnosis
The black infernal dreams
The death synopsis

Obsessed bloodthirsty souls
The hell's exodists
Intolerable throes
With itch of sadist

So tread him to the mud
Let your hate be your bliss

4 - Spiritual Liar

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5 - Universe Of The Cadaver Substance

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6 - End Of The Tunnel

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7 - Through The Aeons Of The Unknown

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