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"Dark Lyrics" (2005)

For something new

I search for something new
Dead without music of yours
And if you ever were true
Your charming heals your tongue occurs

I search for something new
Away from darkness that still holds me tight
And if I ever was true
Give me again, give me your light

I was insane
You showed me sanity
I died in vain
You teach me living things

I was deprived
You gave it all back to me now
I was not right
You hold me back to right way anyhow

I search for something new
Stepping away from lines of thunder
I search for something new
Though it gets to me next much harder

I search for something new
And make the motion next to you
And if it’s ever true
I’ll find myself inside of you


Open your eyes and aim your look at me
I need your poison that sets my soul free
Deep in your charms in garden of your dreams
Your golden armour your enticing limbs

Pathetic madness and destructive love
You give to me and always I want more
Coming down like a sign of snowhite dove
Crawling like serpent in my heart adore

Passion that flows to me out from your eyes
Death in the rayons of the autumn sun
Gather around you we are hypnotized
Standing still here and always on the run

Carme at my soul with love we made in fire
Where waters whisper and the bare trees grow
Ephyr of death that I take and admire
Devouring desires waste in afterglaw

Cadaverous darkness where the bare trees grow
He hangs himself the mutilated face
A touch of death in pale in pain and flow
The end of your never excused disgrace

Forever eclipse embracing you with chill
Remains of fear flow slowly from your breath
The moonlit eyes watch sights of past so still
The sights of moment in this ending steath

The river of my life
Horizon of the brown...
The sky of endless night
My heart keeps child of Basilisk...

As I had a dream of world in black and white
Where lonely spirit roams being torn by thousand winds
Marges of firmament sank in the trembling light
And sound of storm swallowed the living screams

This love you can never gain but can die for
Reptile of you and goddess of your soul
And I behold them gone and myself leave core
They beat to death but I still fall and fall...

The fruit of lust I tore from tree of love
In wold that came from everlasting dreams
Injured my soul and somewhere far above
Somniferous sinister does weep for me

And from your gardens and your umber I shall flee
Above those seas of sadness you made from tears
When mine is taken and we both can see
Around our dead no other frontiers...

Dead Flesh Was Mine Alive

The fear of life
The fear of God
Keeps me through
The dying light

Filth and scorn
Point my day
And bury me
So far away

Weakness wins
Ill prevails
My past sins
Echoe hails

As every bound will break
As every word will flow
As every dream will fade
Like pouch of melting snow

Drowned in the cup of ale
Where misery will breed
Devouring the pale
The pointless life with greed

And solitary land
Will swallow all our tears
Like raindrops like the sand
Our lives slip underneath

Waste dreamer time kills day by day
And all I had is gone away
All that I loved lies dead and cold
But all the time we need this hold

And I’ll forget the music of your eyes
The colour of your voice
Winds blow away the echoes of your love
To someone else above
We have no other choice

Suspended here forever neverland
I leave your frozen hand
Not for God’s realm but for a memory
From this decay I see
That I shall take with me

Dead flesh was mine alive
Stiff is all that I kissed
The verdict from the skies
Of life that I have missed

The fear of life
The fear of God
Clench me down
The heaven’s cloud

Desperate prayer
Tears from my lips
My pain is on
His fingertips

Angels Devouring Hearts

Rivers flow still like time flows by in silence
Of mourning and weeping of us never heard
Widowed from birth in struggle for existence
Orphans of God all we can is just hurt

Grease door with blood of lamb and he goes by
Angel of death hunting for all the firstborns
What do we see upon their hands when die
Resting our love with our broken bones

Reedy houses burn with the sound of requiems
Father lies trembling hand on eyes of his dead son
Fallen in this war between his brethren
Body fallen dead for life is gone

Till the end his days his heart is bleeding
Sorrow and despair fills every night
And the daylight pale and numb is breathing
With the shadows of the heavens unknown light

We might never meet again when grave takes
Us to other side of its blackened gates
And the voice of prayer is sole and lonely
Waiting for the Lord who promised to wake
But with sickles they wander through our dark lands
Scything lives like flowers to never return
In this wild grief we forget their promise
In our fear and rage and woe we burn

Every new day brings us more bereavement
Killing our hearts with never-ending
Feast of freedom for the deeds of evil
Deaf to all our miserable demanding

Earthquakes and the floods
Shake this world gone mad
Idols and new gods
And the preacher sad
Never open eyes
They can never do
But the hate and scorn
Are forever true
Weapon in my hand
Snakes inside my tongue
As I declare them all
Like everything was wrong

War inside my heart
Consumed by pain and rage
Humiliated soul
Of the unknown age
Wrath of unnamed strength
Through their bible black
Claiming back the length
Of our lives so dark
Pushing me aside
From salvation hand
From eternal light
Fills my eyes with sand
Obituary unformed
And dreams so paranoid
Wake this voice inside
To make me enjoy

Grave At The River

Taken from “Infernal Blasphemy” 2004

The sky and trees keep silence
Wind whispers long forgotten names
The sun above me warms my tears
And I quench little flames

Still hear your laughter from the past
Lost in the shadows of my dreams
Still hear you call my name at last
And morning breath and seagulls’ screams

The river keeps
The memory of you
And flowers still
Remember your feet
Where you had played with birds
And talked to sun and moon
In bliss of every spring
You were there soon

The life you had was joy of world
And beautiful you were inside
I haven’t ever seen more kindness
Than that was in your tiny heart

You were like butterfly that just
Bursted from cradle chrysalis
Risen to fly for new day light
In windblow’s touch to lightest wings

Alone I am
My path lies very far
Somewhere beyond
But like a deepest scar
Across my heart and soul
My memory and my love
And thousand times I’ll fall
Watched by the clouds above

Before my star was kind
Now it’s an angry star
And since you’re gone I find
Just mirages from far

But river sings your songs
Still like that spring long gone
Your picture’s in my hand
And you are still the one

The Pacing Silence

Taken from “Le Theatre De Les Ombres” 2004

Autumn breathes the solitude and vain
Groping here on wings of butterflies
Recollects the air of loss and pain
Lays like shade on pale tired eyes

Weed grows high to hide the yesterdays
Cover trace of footsteps in the sand
Fire’s gone the ash of it decays
Emptiness reigns over all the land

The pacing silence touches marble walls
Embracing archs forgotten pale scripts
No one knows here no one ever calls
Lost in lethe and its timeless drifts

Voices don’t sound here like years ago
Just the sun that warms these lying ruins
No existance in forsaken goal
Just the moon above the silent tunes

From the form and inside of the shapes
Of colossus weary spirit flies
Like a scent of trodden thousand grapes
Hourglass signs time that slowly dies

Cups of wine and swords in dried outblood
Exotic dance and viands from seven seas
Cannot hurt or please the heathen crowd
Lying on the lorn cloth of the wings

Pantomime and theatre of shades
Now act here in cobwebs ‘neath the sun
Waltz of dust in magnificent space
Watery music of the river’s run

Orchid gardens and the raven’s nest
Only letter from the neverland
Pride of statues shown in their chest
Evanescence in the human hand

If belief was just what could have saved
Why have we destroyed the realm of dreams ?
But silent breath of every lonely wave
Ocean’s grief and eve’s unhearing scream

Kept Through The Mire

Taken from “Tentorium” 2000

Wind lies
Over these autumn skies,
Where lives disappear.
Invite me once again.
Piece by piece this life falls
Downto the waste and painful expectation.
In your silence, under your rain
I’d fake it, hide it as long as i can.
The saltant Satyr covered by leaves
Tacit in his terpsichorean dream.

Rue sable venery.
My termon,
Now venge me, if you need.
This trismus
Obstruct the failure.
Salmon the sky is,
Kept through the mire.
The teraphim of man i’ve built.
Stigmata laid then on my name.
Searching for best in this lust,
I limned myself in sanitary flame.

Polluted was just my body,
That cannot kill the diamonds of soul.
That are so few left after wars
With ignorence.

My hystery
Thrown thorn of misery,
So trivial,
So small in blasphemy.
And full 0f rage.
Overthrow into me
The one more strike into another day.
( No one can prove me wrong )

I lay with you to save love inside you.
I lay with you to make it higher a few.
I feel so sick to save you from disease.
This dirt, I drink, I hope will not increase.
I sin for you to teach you not to sin
I never won, but now I have to win.
This dangerous road to God I found for you.
Soon you may just become so pure.
Just stay this way, I hope you’ll understand,
I’d rather die to make it better in the end.
And anytime I’ll soft yor hair in my hand.
Feed you with warmth forever be tender and calm.
For you to never disappoint, to never give up,
Never lose.
We’ll melt in stars and we’ll forget this hell
Become so clean and so divine again.

The Star Where I Came From

Taken from “Homeland, Stormland, Waterland 1998

He looked at the star, where I came from
He always met me as a special guest.
He turned the rivers of his mild hairs,
All that I looked for was rest.

He was small, didn’t know what was manner.
He embraced and kissed like the wind.
He was happy when I touched his small head.
And nobody dared to forbid.

And he didn’t know what was the mighty hand.
That once laid as stone on his head.
Cold and bare told him what was pain.
Cold and hard like of lead.

Since that sorrow moved in his little home.
And started to watch from the walls,
Hiding behind the portreats and doors,
Waiting for the day when he falls.

But he cried his tears, knowing well whom I was.
All alone in the dark- Who’s to blame?
And he jumped in my arms when I stepped inside
His eyes were full of brightest flame.

He looked at the star, where I came from.
And sky’s getting smaller for him day by day.
He waited a century for the mighty hand back,
Century he lived after I’ve went away.

The Space Of Serenity

Taken from “Leaving The Darkness” 2000

Wake up, ream and take off vesture.
Below the orb lets swim thereat the main.
Free from the sateless nympholepsy,
With ogle that became ours again.

Sardonic warden of tenebrous curses,
Paynim with the malign oblatory knife,
The vagrom therianthropic no longer
Threat danger to our fragile lives.

Vers libre scroll i wrote , is ode to you,
My rubious sunset my theandric friend.
I ween much less than this thaumaturgy,
That i behold within my hand.

The osculum of yours is as empyreal,
As the embrace of summer’s sun.
The sleep of yours is like oblivion,
Where we can roam and more no one .

In the tentorium of our slumber
We’re sheltered by divine serenity.
And therebeside the stars are drifting
As luminous windows from dark entity.

No human stops us running on the water
With long sleek hair that fuse with wind.
No matter trammels us for we are elemental,
From thy we came, we came to laugh and sing.

Die In My Arms

Taken from “Die In My Arms” 2003

Look at me!
For the very last time
I’m leaving
For the land off time

Dark abyss calls to me
And waits for me
However much I try to live
Nothing we can do
My hope lies beyond this world

You lie and in this lie you die
You die for me
Forever false forever having
Something to hide

And as the heaven throws
The rain of sighs to burn my eyes
I wish to see me die
Die in your arms

As I proclaim the cruelty
Proclaim sword for sword
Of every deed and word

I will never love you
I’ll never be like you
Though I am yours
You are not mine

Shiver for every lie
Remains of your conscience
Beloved and hated
Die in my arms

Are not you afraid of darkness
You hide from me and from yourself?
Once in a day it will burst open wide
To swallow us in the cruel dismal tide

Because when I look at you
I can’t recognize myself...

Forgive me, my beauty
And just before I close my eyes
Promise me to tell the truth
However deep and painful it may be...

I loved you like
The God loved Earth before we came
Now I love you
Like fallen bird loves death

You couldn’t let us run
Away from world
I couldn’t let you run
Away from me

And when I’m here I’m gone
These tears are gold
In lie I lived so dun
The mourn might stay with me

Darkness will swallow me
Just there I’ll find my rest
Laying dry beneath the summer sun
In world of streamlined haze

And from my fucking heart
I take the tiny candle
Of my imprisoned life
The life I couldn’t handle

And with the bless I throw it up the sky
Take curse on me and fall below
Release yourself release and die
Just once have with me our last throe

Lets breathe together our last breath

Die in my arms
The world of lies
The body’s ties
The useless cries

Why did we live before?
If in this life we were not together

Why should we live any longer?
If in the grave we’re not together

Die in my arms
Unhappy life
The lonely soul
The soul for skies

Lost Cities

Taken from “Anthiamittia” 2003

Lost cities sleep in trembling sea
Of shimmers.
Beneath the dark blue sky they
Dream of memories.
The lives that burnt much brighter
Than the sun.
The lives that left cruel trace,
So hard to understand.

The rivers ran away far from their
Dried channels
With beauty they had held, crowned With the crying willows.
And ships that floated by swam
Somewhere far away now
Or lying in the bottom
They will never return.

The stones remember still the love
Dances in moonlight,
Now shadows dance alone over Abandoned planet.
And mirages of wheels of bygone
Wooden chariots
Knock pebble on the empty streets
And the air of technology.

It has been so long ago when we
Lived here.
When we left for better day but
Each other did forget.
It has been so long ago we were
And the dream we lived in was really
Not so bad.

Tiny waterfall from tiny mountain
Humbly drops into the cups where
Our wine has dried on sides.
We held them for holidays now
Silence and the emptiness hold them.
And I still remember our sonorous Voices.

The music of the homeless wind is Hush and his song is sad.
Sad is the dust on our meal, so like
To yesterday.
Am I one to come here once again,
The one who’d not forgot
To save the waste that was so
Dear to my heart?

The wraiths of love wreathe coronets
Of starlight,
They were invisible when lived within Our hearts.
In my turn I was wrong that time I Didn’t wish to save them.
We couldn’t anymore hold them within
Our hands.

I hope my mates are alright now and Ever.
I wonder how we could get hostile so For now.
How all could pass away in a while And the distance.
To remember at night
And to forget in the rise.

Voiceless call in vain to the dead
Of land.
Can you hear me now, my old dear friend?
I could not remain hope that was so few
But for all the time I couldn’t give up for You.

I want to revive all that I had loved.
Here was nothing that might destroy our lives.
I want to revive, I know I can not.
Will you come for once, come for once a lot?

It has been so long ago, when we lived here.
As the memory I respect much for good I can’t
It has been so long ago, did your heart stop Break?
Left there cold, became my fire, will I never That.

Night takes me in her mysterious dreams.
I wish to stay and to never leave.
Her charms.
To stay in her arms.

What can I take from past if I can’t return
Just the experience to care for new world
My new world
That I ignored to behold.

Lost cities disappear when sun spills morning
Machines own areas to get closer to better Day.
And presence like a child changes another toy.
Chose some of us for future
And that is understood.

The Cradle Of Winds

Taken from “Another Road For Me” 1999

Contemplate the torn leaves yellow
So softly falling like the tiny suns.
And shadows , dancing on the water,
And bare trees’ crowns, raised like hands.
The mountain stream like lace of maid hairs
And cages of the web, embraced the stones,
The purple shells on transparent bottom,
And mirror of sands on the endless shores.
Which are in arms of autumn’s breathing.
Winds that can’t find their home on Earth.
They never stop their blind romantic travel,
And never die for they just had no birth.
They show their maps with ripple on the water,
When coming over it and whispering aloud.
They grab the bird, that falls from reef top
And play sometimes, and hide behind the clouds.
They flutter your hair, tasting your voice,
Take warm of yours with them and run away
To keep it as far as they can go.
They grieve like we, but thousand times a day.
Gather our thoughts and shiver sometimes.
But life of us for them is like the wine.
When they release and come up to much higher,
They find the lodge in bed of sunshine.

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