ARDALLION - Сайт Вячеслава Карижинского. "Death Style remember and forget" (2005)


"Death Style remember and forget" (2005)

Part 1 Death Style


Satan, oh The Almighty, would you cherish my pain
Spirit of hung dead Judas wakes in my heart again
Whispering prayer for the evil, lust for worthy advise
Filthy slum where I'm living once abused face of Christ

After tears of a poor moth in my hell I'm so loud
Cup of hate and the black cloth in memory of M. De Sade
Wraith of love hurts me dying but I defend myself cold
Far from kindness of lying and dream destroyed after sold

I draw the circle around me but not of chalk in my hand
The floor so black lies around me - my death style sweetest descend

The power is always fighting
Whatever you try to do
Either you serve The Almighty
Or take the evil into

The catastrophe and the bereavement
Are marked with ever human tears
Denial of faith or still believing
Are always born from our fears

I'm not of God, not of Satan
I'm slave to only myself
Life is a source of what's saying
Or laying dusty in shelf

Torn from the ground up to heaven
And stricken back down again
For me they both are of pagan
As I am priest of my pain

In war for life I am dying
In death I eager for life
Caress the wound of another
And in my turn ask for knife

Consumed with horror and hatred
I'm snapping veins of my cage
Damn all the shit, all the sacred
But cannot measure my rage

My friend, I eager for passion
Your hottest lips burning red
Destroy me with your deception
Your mortal hope till I'm dead

Ten Thousand Years of Beholding 2005

Ages of filthy absurdity and violence of brutal throne
Upon the sound of golden and silver coins
Epoch of thyads and necromancers
Tumble in human indifference
Masturbating at the ripped dead bodies
Splashing fat guts at the overt
Churches ruined fall priests betray faith
Masterpieces burn themselves in fire
Suicide at the face of a new day
Savagery stench so disgusting
Mixed up with us in our miseries
In this awful emptiness

Ten thousand years of beholding
Loathing in obsolete being
Man tasted whore perfumed breathing
Breathing death
Mary no longer believes in

Some of them die in their sin and crime
Some of them die in their righteousness
But all we are in this grudge pit
Beholding our filth and ugliness

No fucking regrets!

I got to take this cup of denial
Tread this poor love underneath my feet
Watch them decay bleed and smolder like insects
No longer pity their ever defeat

And earth will swallow their sons long forgotten
Sick mad wild hearted servants of death
I was one of them but now I am alien
So shall I be till you hear my last breath


My name is Antiheoi
That name you have given to me
In your scripts long ago
So ignorant but sincerely
Tonight I came to remind you
The valley of torments
That is thousand spaces from here
But still breathing gore
Where fiery circles as the boundary
Surrounded million souls
Some stand in fire up to their necks
The anarchists that groan
And beasts snap and eat them
Crack and throw out in fecal
On the ice from the heat
No one hears desperate calls
Where the ones who made lust
In the Sundays still born
The horrible beasts that wrest their flesh
Rip it and eat it till torn
But here on abandoned earth
Planet of blood and semen
Suffer and die but once in a while
Eager and feel and dreaming
Million bodies you nailed to the cross
Murdered for seldom uncomfortable word
Played with the death so million times
Proving your blades for the Lord
No one of you did think of the life
No one of you did honour the pain
All that you love you’ve already killed
All you did learn in vain
My name is The Tear
That falls from your cheek and tear
That burns out the youth of your skin
Because you are also unfair
What else to prove when you never hear?
Rocking out sounds of the falling worlds
If you still let fall and turn out heads
Covering up with misdeeds in words
So my name is Hate
If I talk to the ones that can’t breathe
If the ones who can answer stay still
What else to tell and what else to show
If all of you no more can feel
Useless alarming ring lone over walls
Charged up and loaded with hail
What else to tell for the way you smear?
And forget yourselves in the ale


Shroud us under the snow
We came to destroy the world
I will go back to the land of amber
Where now waits for the master of mold
Bury now!
Whole way’s underlaid
You were beautiful
And I violently tasted that
It’s time to take revenge on you
It’s time to make amends with you
Were plans destroyed?
Yes, they were
Just when I’m tired
To put down last point
Bury now!
Evil grows inside the shadow
Laid on my mind like someone’s curse
I will go back to the land of amber
And kill you all denial keeping servants
Wet star
Go down on
The dry star
Where we are
Pay for me
Shroud us
Deep under
Snow cover
I rape you
I rape you, my love!

Part 2 De Infernus Sartre


Разорвана цепь объективных познаний
И времени порвана нить.
Сочетанья пустот строят в нас яркий хаос
И душа начинает гнить.
Бесконечное множество клеток незримых
Облекает в улыбки пустоты души.
И забыто, а во многих просто мертво
То, за чем они на планету пришли…
Зёв всежрущей пасти, громкий рык ни о чём!
И истома учёных глаз
Замесились в бессилии что-либо сделать,
Стали гордостью наших проказ.
Как желез ржавых скрип раздаётся наш смех,
Механизмы рукопожатия…
Но почему- то не видно слёз на глазах
Даже в дни самых тяжких ненастий.
На амбарный замок закрыт сарай наших чувств,
Полон всякого лишнего хлама.
Ты попробуй-ка там отыскать что-нибудь.
Лишь жалкий тлен упразднённого храма.
И ты смотришь на мир сквозь ярмо толстых линз
Воображаемых розовых стёкол.
А внутри всё так пусто и в то же время легко,
Если чем-то подкуплена совесть.
Над грядущим тебе не придётся корпеть,
Лишь оставить часть плана на завтра.
И оно вдруг нагрянет само по себе
По случайной кривой разврата.
Тебе лучше не верить словам, что изрёк я
Хоть в награду мне порвана пасть.
Лучше скройся в ту глубь, где вовсе нет глубины
Где бессильна моя одинокая страсть.
Но я тоже бегу, и опять от себя,
Чем я глубже копну, тем сложнее.
Унося себя в мир абстрактных идей
И надуманных поведений.
Но скажи, почему ты смеёшься в моё
Лицо, жалкое, мрачное, серое?
Неужели оно показалось тебе
Карикатурой бессмысленной, верно?


Moon is an orb again
Spirits arise.
I worship their dismal songs,
I see their blind eyes.
My sorrow they do return,
Dark wind in my heart.
They say:"We were beautiful."
They cry:"We had heart."
But not to be loved.
Butus eopeus;
"Our life is like desert"
Maybe they smile to me
"Wisdom can't help us."
Simple but hardest
Is knowledge of heaven.
Devil looks cunning
With the eyes of the raven.
"Love is too deep there,
So fall down in our lake."
I won't fear its fire
If finally I break.
Reveal all my weakness.
With the lips of my lover.
And if there is a deadline
I'll need this hand to cover
My eyes,
My ears,
All my face full of tears.
When we part with our lives
With the rest of our faith
In our tedious sight
Will be only a day
For the one final prayer.


Stronghold of endless emptiness
And thought filled up with misery
Tired to be sad, tired to exist
Might take a little time to sleep the day
The incubator where I dwell has windows
Where jaded light runs from the sun
They say just take a look at that through glasses
She is so big she is so kind
I’m lost my body’s dying in my arms
My soul is bled out but the life’s still in
Who’s mind deviced except my own mind
This cruel mutation wished to take away
The cynical and rightless I assume
The better days but still I do consume
Alone, forsaken, sorrowed and retired
I see the blooming fields before I’ve died
And damn the day when malice came to me
To take the happiness and never come again
My wings are as distorted as my heart
I’ll never fly and still I have to try
The tears like strain embody my disease
The drugs deprive of stand still
And in obsession I imagine my dream
And burst in lamentation when return
Believe me, please, I am so tired and sade
I speak with emptiness day after day
And when the walls seem suddenly to be alive
I try to find their hand
Not much to love I am too much to live
And on this endless painful path to God
I’m crying out but not demand, not prayer
But moan of names I’ve ever heard
The neverending horror and undying grief
The diadem of tears and ring of agony
Those faces smile and masks still dance
Please never ever let me be


We need your attention all the time...
You can’t get your eyes away...
All you see you will never forget...
Our purpose is to make you hate...

Ask me now!
What is this for
Why should we watch

Why is it so cruel

We can’t see it more
But can’t stop watching you
It revives in our nightmares
We can’t let it through

We’ll show you rivers
Of blood and tears
Corpses of children
Awful disease

And their crying mothers
Cursing their gods
Suicide bombers
Fragments on ground

And the filthiest faces
Of the leaders of war
Poverts of races
And the famine of whore

Septic skin
Rotting limbs
Dying world
Beating sound
Ripping wounds
Weeping loud...

Mother Earth
She is pregnant with death
We want you to break
We want you to hate

When you overfill
Your soul and your mind
With this poison of truth
You won’t stay behind

You’ll vomit it all
With spasm of your hate
With convulsion of pain
You will no longer wait

We need to increase
Hate that’s growing in you
We need you to take guns
We need you to break through

You will hate your own hosts
You will hate violence
You will beat up your ghosts
You will leave innocence

We’ll show you how
The people can hate
How deep is the hate
And that it never ends...

We’ll fill you with hate
It will become more than God
For your helpless lazy soul
For your sleeping mind

Watch us!
Join us!
Rise up!
And kill!
Watch us!
You disappear...

No mercy lives in our hearts
But call for vengeance
No love no hope no forgiveness
But ever challange

A filthy thief the liar and scum
We have become them
As we had let them be around
We shall destroy them

Forget yourself and soon you lose
The human face
But heart stays there to fight this world
For kingdom of its race

Part 3 La Musique Des Spheres


Down the boulevard we walk
How did it sound last autumn

Under the crowns what has been here?
Do you remember?
Frightened to stay here for so long
At night

Down the boulevard we walk
At night
Does it breathe you the past now?

Whole recollection...

The fire in your eyes
Flame of lust and fear
Arms in my arms
Cold season was here

Hush whispering
Making love under grove
Kind promising
When we roved...

Do you remember you told me about everything without a thought of a danger. Why
are you afraid now? We could spend here hours and feeling so light as birds
never felt. But why you are hurring home now? Everything changed but you still
capture my eyes. Now I feel no danger and wish those hours to return. It’s all
in vain. You are no longer one I knew, the one I loved more than life... You are
afraid of your own dishonor...

The fire in your eyes
Flame of lust and fear
Arms in my arms
Cold season was here

Hush whispering
Making love under grove
Kind promising
When we roved...

Down the boulevard we walk
I reveal you...
All is silent here’s no talk
How did it sound last autumn...


There was a land where the cherubins lived ambrosial ant kind
Aloft the higher bank of Lethe betrothed with rede of God.
Ere aspic crept thro' there the pards did wend with lambs in peace
Ant aubade was as frolicsome as sun of Arcady.

They wore the anadems ant tiars,their appareil was bloomth
As in the antemundane hours their every word was sooth.
Adays rithe warbled laving shores,they yode in jollity.
At night the sentinel beheld the clepsydra's low trill.

The Argus-eyed he fought the sloom from arch-fiend's leud to come
Albeit they dwelt aboon the gloom ant pantheon was far.
Ant like parhelion in the night Apollyon hath come
With aconite within his tongue ant lavender diapasm.

Cerastes brought him the afgod ant said:"Thou shalt not die",
Agadic for the gore he spilt,he lumed his aper eyne.
Admonish'd not to hear these words the lad was all enmesh'd
To bring the heath to Arcady ant augury of death.

Iwis when the auroral bird sang land was not the same
Ant malice in the unknown voice ahold flew to pervade.
Good days of yore bygone to past they scealt warden o'dark.
Thus slowly turning to the heath the land wore mortal mark.

Whilere there came errant forayer benight amidst the roads.
Kind cherubin gave him the cates ant made the softly lodge.
Ant in the morrow nomad ask'd:"Mine friend,what is thine name?"
"The aviarist ant who art thou?"."A harbinger of flame"

"I wend to thee to say the sooth of what thou shouldst espect.
You rended welkin with betrayal ant quell'd thy God's respect.
Not sortiledge or goety mayst thou to save thy breath.
The arch-fiend's yoke is on you ant you are to meet your death.

I yede this morrow o'er land ant saw pernicious curse
As you defy the sacral law that was your caring nurse.
Lascivious are you ant the heath wilt soon subvert thy land.
Ant gore wilt flow like vernal ford from the thoepath's hand."

The aviarist hearken'd to man ant sdeign hath fill'd thy eyne.
"How durst thou say to us so words,for we gave you our help.
Forth of,avaunt,the evil tongue,mine eyne want not to see.
Thy envy for our home ant wives hath just no right to be."

"Wend in the eve thro' bloomth of wood,behold the dolorous change.
Ant what cometh barren e'en this day,that aspic did arrange."
With these words nomad left his house ant slowly yode to leave.
Man yode thy way ant all he saw,he couldn't just believe.

The sycamine hath drop'd its figs ant stars have become bright.
Nay wind was cold as winter's breath with maroon moon at night.
The sleepless night he spent athoughts ant when next morrow came.
Dun ant threnetic he yode forth,ant shaking like the lame.

His brethren rest'd neath the crowns in garden full of figs
Enmesh'd with lust ant pulchritude,knew their maids carnally.
He shouted 'loud:"Wend take that man! A sorcerer must pay
For what he sayth black prophecy is coming 'bove our land."

Malicent nomad put to death lain with ataraxy
Ant they did cere him ant his hearse the young lad stood to see.
"Why art thou sad"-the aviarist ask'd-"mine son bestowal'd glee?"
"Doest thou belive,mine abba,words,the wanderer say'd to thee?"

Ant after burial they've forgot but via many years
The lad was coming to his grave attending with a fear.
Adays he put the argosies to flow with rithe away.
The paper harbingers of dream aloft the breathing clay.

Yet years they lived marcescible until the heath came in
Ant mansuete lad became a man surrounded by the sin.
Thy name was Wind ant sanguine maid invited him at night
To place afar remain'd the same sith garden fell to nought.

"We're far from heath"-she said to him-"May night be our bed.
These dainty limbs are beautiful as hair waves on thy head.
Enclose mine body neath the fruits as vermail as the rose.
I wish thy breath,I wish thine eyne cognit me in ant close.

Profuse was aphrodisiac ant wickedness of maid
Like wilderness whence he came back,into the dark again.
As Aceldama termon was at face of the ordeal.
Cadaverous stench from church betrayed,defiled in venery.

Turpitude of imbruted priests shown up with cruelty.
Notorious ubiquitious cult,maligned thaumaturgy.
The eyne o'priest ran o'er him ant in dulia he say'd:
"Forget the yore,forth of thy heart,the farytales are dead.

"But he soothsaid the heath to come,so why did you slay him?"
Wind ask'd the priest with growing rage, 'twas all that he could feel.
"He spoke of evil God but we had always other god.
His name is nomad,so he lays outcasted neath the sod."

"I've seen enough that thou disgraced,thou art no brer for me
As beautiful gave thee her brine, immured in walls of thee.
Though arefy'd her soul ant sear'd,no solace hast thou gave.
Ere I did bear thy argh speech but not for thy venomed faith.

"Wend here to-morrow, shalt assoil thine heresy at once.
Thou takest thy anchoretic life far more that it be must."
Evil intent Wind felt from priest ant ask'd thy friend to come,
But late was hour bedight with night,he hath not retun'd home.

With morrow sound of atabals Wind had advent to church.
Stood terrified in frozen tomb ant he hath seen too much.
The aspersorium full of blood ant amice dropped with red
Ant aneled hand of priest ant alb that cover'd his best friend.

"Be damned,the foe!"-in fury Wind hath shouted taking out
The anlace ant maiming priest's thorax with adamant.
"Adulterer ant slayer,thy doctrine shalt be dethroned!
Apploted Arcady wilt join in fight against thy rod!

No more almoigns ant no heathens,no thraldom in thy sin!
I have been waiting for such day with whole my soul for aeon.
Ant thou shalt verminate in shame whelm'd in the marl thou damned.
May devils endlessly abrade thine skin on martyr's bed.

In yester bloodwite simar thou shan't see no Valhalla
With black impiety of thine ant with apocrypha!"

Foresooth the arch-fiend heard his rage ant far from ayenbite
Call'd mate Appolyon ant say'd:"First rebel was just mine."
With mighty leud they hurled down from the Hades like the rats
Ant people watched the holy fight revealing sinisters.

Pay'd for ywrought the demons died ant parvis stood in blood.
The arch-fiend lain thy cattle head in thy own bowls ant mud.
Old aviarist fell to thy knees at feet of warrior
Crying for mercy of thy son ant ne'er wishing more.

Wind put off ventail,vail'd his eyne ant auburn braid slap'd face.
"Look at thyselves,-he say'd,-"your plight you had drove to disgrace.
Ye,abba,hast the slayer's heart,perceived the argent craft."
Thy eylid shut ant pavid tear fell on the soily ground.

Repentance billow'd like a wave up to empyrean's depth
Ant rainbow from the welkin's mist shone like the ogle's wraith.
Manumited,atoned they slept their first night in great peace
Ant all the pain that ere reign'd hath yode with each disease.

Anight Wind came alone to heath ant arburst was thy sceptre.
He heard the twighlight's voice ant smiled ant relumed stars up there.
He bury'd armours down below against the nomad's grave.
"Be bless'd thy name"-he say'd with pride-"for sooth of thee we pay'd.

Ant clouds flew slow ant sentinels could sloom within their beds.
As beauty was released from spell the freedom felt all spheres.
Yet years should wend till they forget ant till they change at all.
Benison sith was theirs for keeps ant theirs was shining throne.

Part 4 Saturnal Erotica

ELD 2005

Those fading charms in the rivers of your sorrow
Grow seer for all that lives in time that’s borrowed
Perfection of all passions in your sighing
Ultimate moments of your torment fighting

You carol wisdom and approve denial
Brave at the face of death your choice is part of you
You’ve taken everyone at once in their trial
Youth serves to you and gives its juice for you

Though you may keep your arms crossed in your waiting
And hush your body when it wakes again
And no one knows the taste of love you’re making
With all of them poisoned with your black pain

A king to worship in your every passage
The emperor of everlong vast crowds
So magnificent in your saddened wreckage
Irremiable as the Lethean floods

Lay down my lay!
Get burned from my dark passion
Drink from my boiling lust
As I drink your deception

Enjoy my flesh
Bleed with my mortal sorrow
Lick my cold lips
And take my wicked horror

Now lie to me
And I’ll bury my dreams inside you
My disappointment
My dark desire for you

Like wind above
Grab my last breath
Take all my love
Waste me to death

The cruelty that spills from you a torrent
I’ll sponge into my black avenging heart
And all the martyrs will show up before you
Rotting in their doomed everlasting art

As you grow dim I make you fucking suffer
For all of them for beauty you have had
And turn my love to wake you from your slumber
And pour my hate to strike you dead

As I have ever shared your grief and mourning
For all the lost and gone from hand unfair
My hope is with you so there is my sobbing
Who else would come with such undying care

Let me believe in what you are believing
The truth of all before whose face I’m faint
Though all our tears we spent are not relieving
In your injustice and in your dark fate


Believe the sun that shines
Most warmly for today
Tomorrow it will fall
On universe’s way
So dance and play
Until the evening you invites
And million masks are staring
At the seerful cards
Below the groovy crowns
In their fantastic dresses
And silent like the stones
Romantic devils
And I will lead you up
With me to reefs of high land
And land on me your
Frightened and coldening hand
And I will see your eyes
Shining like pretty diamonds
Cupid and open wide
Pointed at me like miracle
And I will kiss your wet
So trembling softly lips
And snap like thirsty snake
Your thrilling fingertips
And I will go inside
Like tameless hurricane
Will press you down to me
And overgrow till vain
I’ll sting you with my teeth
And drink your royal blood
I’ll watch you moan and bleed
And mark as won aloud
So you will die with me
Buried in iron cage
But music of my soul
Like lament of the cellos
Will follow you until
You stretch luterian doors
In castle of the tide
Collector of the lightnings
Where old god Eros died
Damned his own kind of love
The necrophilis lust
Perversion of the innocence
I tend on capturing
When there is no defense
Most beautiful grew dark
Inside my life I dare
I live behind the graves
But I no longer care
Remember how we ran
Across the mountain plain
Our laughter echoed there
That was Eden


Rolling outside in a country train
Nice pair in a compartment
Dried fish bones in their dish
Smells like excrements
And price I paid just to stand it
See them from corner view
Two bodies with their merry options
Declare it really pure
And I throw in
And I breathe out
Don’t care what’s up
So really stout
Their sickly sweet
Like a heroin surgeon
My blood seeks for
The scalp of a virgin

I sit that place and look at my knees
I care just oblivion at all
Drained away with the lonely tears
No more lower to fall
They might’ve been murdered
If I have a wish
Just like fish eaten fast
On their iron dish

And I throw in
And I breathe out
Don’t care what’s up
So really stout
Their sickly sweet
Like a heroin surgeon
My blood seeks for
The scalp of a virgin

Lock up my soul
If you might’ve been saved
Don’t look at me
Show me that you are brave
I have no remorse
Killing virgins at fall
With their thousand scalps
Have no lower to fall
Have no lower to fall
No fucking lower…

And I kill you now
And I kill you then
Don’t know what I say
Words are up to ram
I am fucking dead
You always stay alive
And I’m hard on my head
In ex of twenty five
Be gone when train is stopped
Run with your loverboy
Cause your pretty scalps
Would be my lovely toys
Forgive my crazy words
And stupid mind so moll
Cos that is only pit
No lower one to fall

Part 5 Heavens Cry



Rain is falling down
Like the tears from the sky.
Erath has been silent
To hear the heaven's cry.
All of the angels
Are watching the endless night.
Pain and sorrow
Are calling for us to fight.
This ugly world...


Born in the cradle of darkness
Child alive,his soul is dead.
Aimed at beholding misery
His eyes are forever sad.
Though he knows love and beauty
His life is morbid dying
Got too much understanding
Cursing and praying and crying.
Chosen one, he is messiah
To show up the light from darkness.
As Christ he must suffer,
As Christ he must keep this.
Everyone marked by heaven-
Truth is forever on his side.
Dreamer or unknown poet.
Prophet without pride...


Forgetting what is love,
Forgiving no one else,
Getting more and more,
But everything is waste.
Tears and smiles all were played.
Spoiled little sympathy
Breed to get free from pain
But never can they be free.
Have personal God in their mind,
Pocket belief,no remorse.
Emotions synthesized,
Another bastard's voice.


Your hands red from blood
Won't dry never.
I'll kill as you did.
My words will rebel.
As no forgiveness comes from a man's heart
No love will flee from me to any god.
I'll rage in my fever until my hate is all done.
I'll kill,I'll die until my pain is all gone.
Pity yourself,choke with your own shit.
So tired to see your emptiness in it.
Spit out the memory of past and beware
Heart cold,strong hand.I do not care.
All good,sick scum,should I take that
To waste my life on some fucking brat.
Crash down,call me,I'll help you to die.
Lead you to hell,no pretence,no lie.
If it's just a dream,wake up and wake me.
I wish no one a nightmare like this.


No one knew you
But you stepped here.
You dreamt of love,
You lost hope here.


As you believe earth is watching you.
One star in space and darkness is weaker.
Teaching to feel the constructive way
One sincere smile and pain doesn't live here.


Heaven calls for you.
Heaven waits for you.
Life because of you.
Here on Earth.


In one moment whole life has changed for me.
I lived in heaven, now I am alone.
All stars crashed down and sun became so black
Forever long since you were gone.
All I remember is your piercing scream,
Terrible cry of the unearthly pain.
Your blood and tears that flew down on my hands,
The last embrace under the falling rain.
All that I loved became as cold as stone,
Beautiful eyes sank in eternal dark.
And heart of angel that could feel so much
Was dead and numb in mouth of ground.
So now the world for me is dead and black.
Sorrow and hatred fill my burning soul.
I live in hell and demons laugh at me.
No longer hope, no longer God I call.
I've killed all birds that sang above our house
For songs of them I couldn't hear no more.
I've drunk the poison to be there with you
In endless dark. And there forevermore.
So heaven saw my eyes red for my hate and tears.
And all that's been there felt the holy fear.
I wept out loud so lightening did hide.
I felt my death inside, I knew the end was near.
And all the earth has cried a painful moan.
All animals has merged in common scream.
All leaves were torn out by the wind from trees.
Light disappeared with every single gleam.
I cursed the world as tears would not atone.
As no forgiveness for this tragedy.
I laid above your dark and lonesome grave
And wrote these words with blood of me.
The devil watched me there and then did say:
"Enough for you to grieve, you'll join your love."
He stuck the knife into my back
And as I bled I saw him rise above.
In silence I was lying time.
Life was still there in my sighs.
I've paid for someone else's crime
And then I closed my eyes.


You mourn in silence
And wither in your pain
You choke with poison
The living and the slain

The maiden in the iron mask
The grieving blackened form
Dark widow of the universe
In neverending storm

I shall wed thee
And inherit your misery
Minstrel of darkness
Now becomes me
Scapegoats for human
Crowd is the herd
Filthy blasphemous
Servants of death

My demonic hatred
Diabolic rage
Aimed at the mankind
Outside the thorny hedge
Flies of the evil
Forever slaughter
Tremor in thick veins
Eternal horror

Palace of tyrant
Sword for the word
My hatred burns inside
That is their God

Mistake of creature!
Foam of the sea!
I’ll watch you to grave
You are with me

Shouting sly monkeys!
Take your crown of thorns
As you placed it on us
Thousand years before

Suffer your terror
Choke with your blood
Smolder in prayers
To your black pocket god
Scream in your weakness
In this desperate hell
Burn in your agony
No one can tell
I sink in your silence
Death is my bride
Since I knew violence
Since I got pride
All your bloody history
Is the poem of pain
Biography of sin
Human heads rain
Scaffolds and gallows
Inquisitor’s realm
Justice of strongest
Power of rich
Malms of the poverts
Tears of the child
Lie lust and treason
Barbarian wild

Curse you forever
No forgiveness
Be damned thy names
Spit on thy graves

I saw the death of the prophets
Love trodden till death
And I need my revenge...

New day just cover
Yourself with your wings
Retain your slumber
While the liturgy sings

Part VI six feet under


In plasmic pain I ride and dwell
Throughout the days that God did tell
Made up to contemplate the shine
Of realms that never were of mine
My mind is in the shelter frost
In war with pain it’s almost lost
Too tired to struggle with the beast
That lives in me and turns my hands to fists
Your shine chased me inside my dreams
Where I wake up but it just seems
Dressed up with fire in the planets hell
And run forever as the dream did tell
The slowly knives drift down in me
I violate myself to bleed
You’re made of clay, you are unfair
But ash to ash returns again
No sense to live but fall aproud
No sense to fight if there’s no love
But deadly wounded I fall down
Into the snow of middletown
Don’t worry for that you can see
This death is beautiful for me
Just look at all those lives around
Safe but ain’t nice and full of ground
There’s no more animal within me
In final hour of defeat
I see your beauty shining grace
By spaceships shimmering displays
You tell so low your voice is like
The soft wind blow a little strike
As I lay down on roomy floor
I close my eyes and see the Earth
Replace you in my raving dream
And reign our lives like careless whim
Wish you were there in roses field
To understand my scarlet yield
Once to destroy my sorrow with
The passion in which I relieve
When night comes in I stay alone
In space of room from where you’ve gone
I smell your air and walk your steps
And fly in warm of your done breath
When morning comes I go to sleep
To my little box as small as deep
I overtake the shadows vain
Dark piece of life, the heart’s domain
In this chase our hard path lies
Tears and guides that lead us to the sky
As our souls are low
We should leave our world below


The cage is open you may run
And run as fast as northern wind
The cage’s unlocked the ground is near
And you must run
And freedom’s everywhere
Inside the chill of turning sunset
Inside the trembling leaves above
And you will run
But earth is never ending always
And whole lifetime you’ll just be closer
To place you started running from
By law of circle…
The cage is far behind you still run

Nobody’s watching you, nobody cares
Choke with the freshest air that
You greedily breathe in your thirsty lungs
And tears not left like rivers flow
And smile of your release breaks through
Across the sweetest pain that is so true
No damn food you no longer need
Just sight of rainy morning skies
No water to make little saving drink
But holy tears within your divine eyes
Fall down and die like little bird
That’s been astray into the storm
For all time the sense of wild happiness
Will overfill your heart


Six feet under where you lay
And the ravens rip the sky up there
Magic child ravished by death
In a dark grove breathing steath

What a face will you have when
You turn up before God’s realm
Sins you’ve done and noble things
And the word that hurts and stings

In the darkest zone
I call no one
To pray with for your safety

Lies upon the gone
I breathe the storm
To wake you

How would I remember you?
What was lie and what was true?
No one knows but skies and seas
And the mourning lonesome breeze

How would I return to you?
Got no life and got no cure
Can’t wake you for one last time
When I was yours and you were mine

In the darkest zone
I call no one
To pray with for your safety

Lies upon the gone
I breathe the storm
To wake you

Every prayer you say
They turn away
Cause it’s waste for last way

Falling from the grace
In frozen space
To join you
Six feet under where you lay...

Turning to the ghost
Want to be just lost
As you

Six feet under my heart...


Sombre in my angushious fallen dreams
I watch the worlds collapse inside of me
Cover with gray and nothing’s as it seems
As it was before its cold false charms did flee

Call in the night so sudden I did wait
For ages through my cold and hopeless years
Every amend for now was so too late
Reviving my heart my passions and my fear

We needed tragedy to take treasures away
And now when they’re gone we can appreciate
We needed change to feel the same again
Faltered in hurry after years we wait

It’s so relieving when you are by my side
Now I can hold you near so close and warm
Fire of your love in darkness of this night
Makes me believe that now I’m not alone

Cover my eyes with veil of another dream
That comes in real through my lying body
Swallowing my delirious disease
Taking the weakness for the strength from me

Small in your hands gone from the shade of sorrow
Death of my humble laze
From where I follow...

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