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"Archetypes" (2005)

Forever Far

Closing my eyes of the child
Opening eyes of adultery
I’ll never see the light
For what was it haltering?

Meet you on the other side
You won’t recognize me
Through a dream we did glide
You will not analyze me

Forever far

As my heart’s closing in
And the distance’s infinite
Walking traces of sin
I would never retrieve it

In the wild rose of fire
Lords of air, lords of spirit
In the unknown desire
Planting seeds to deceive it

In the ambience of deepest,
Oddest core of the soul
You will step through the tempest
And one day you will fall

Forever far

One day

You will fall

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Say Goodbye

Say goodbye to those yesterdays
All your failures, the bitter ways
Time would take it away

Say goodbye to those hopes so waste
All the lies that you had to taste
Let it rest
Roads would take you away

Miles and miles
But there is no return
Everything will just take its turn
Miles and miles
From the sunset to sunrise
Everything takes its turn

Say goodbye to your former days
All the unheard, the useless prayers
Even when no one’s on your side
Take it off from your ride

Miles and miles
Everything passes by
Let it run, let it fly
Miles and miles
From the sunset to sunrise
Say goodbye to your former life


I. Archetype of Love

Warm sun above the ocean’s bed you wake in
Pearls scattered on the shore… you’re taking
Your mother’s hand, her smile
Returned to you just for a while

The star at night, the silent moon
Sweet moment you know she will be here soon…
Embrace around your neck before the dawn
When you’re assured that you will not be gone…

II. Archetype of awakening

The deluge outside your windows
War breeding the orphans and widows
Blood red sunrise, the embryos dead
Madman outside got to shoot his head

Cornered reality, mom’s wrecking womb
Bittersweet dripping from torn honey comb
Sickness of dreams, all this tranquillized shit
So much understanding… I will never that…

III. Archetype of dying within yourself

Bedewed with tears, bereft my world
I have my bitter wine of sorrow
The truth I hear, the pain upholds
I hide myself like callow

The beauty died, the angel sleeps
It shocked me to my heart
And I have burnt her tiny wings
My wretchedness, my art

Decay of sunlight in my eyes
These eyes that fade, die out
In silence of the starless skies
No whisper sigh, no shout

Please swallow me up to these depths
The depths of darkness weep
Her desperate call, her baby steps
My languish crests her sleep

Towards Deflection

I’m where the cere of white lies cold
Covers the cedarn lair
I’m where the silence can be heard
From everywhere

Where through a dream another one
Comes taking heart away
Where every soul is lost and gone
Like sinner’s prayer

Where standing on my feet I bend
Among the winds so cold
Letter from nowhere I have sent
From my lips with a blowth

Away from game of days and nights
I’m standing out of time
Nobody told me of my rights
So what was mine but crime?

From trodden path – I knew it well
I step out from the dark
And hear the sound of morning bell
The unknown puts the mark

Feel the caress of emptiness
It feels like touch of blade
The fragile heart calls wilderness
And I am not afraid


What takes me on my way I wilder?
I’m hypnotized by daylight’s pale cold light
Around me flowers all have withered
And empty houses wait for coming night
Displaced from life I wander dry lands
The miracles will call me nevermore
And hieroglyphs of empty sea sands
Foretell the sanctuary of morning woe
My guardian angel in the twilight
Just let me step out off the dream remained
My mind so tired my body’s weakening
Let me bereave my heart unclaimed
So crystallized and so delirious
So calm like sun but cold December rime
The ocean waits for me so that I fill it
But still I see no enter on the line
Like widowed eld like virgin dying
Through aeons of tears my path is through that loss
In transparence of quiet sighing
Into the air my words emboss
The locusts sleep in weeds of wasted garden
In overnight disguise I fade like rose
Retrieve myself from torpor cruel and barren
In silent stream of Lethe that I cross…

The Language of Slumber

When you’re ignored
When you’re alone in whole the world
When you’re preserved
From outside everlasting cold
I hear your cry
I feel it all between the lines
In words you hide
Suffered for many bitter times…

We had a dream
The one we cannot still describe
From deep within
Of our intrinsic inborn vibe
Open your eyes
The valleys say it to your heart
And through the night
The shimmers draw the desert’s art

In walls of rain
Beyond the place and out of time
And here’s no pain
Forgotten sights and ancient rhyme

The subtle speech of creek
The song of homeless wind
The distant lights who speak
The harp of Aeolus sings

A shadow of a face
Reflection on the floor
The ocean’s moonlit lace
The opening of door

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