ARDALLION - Сайт Вячеслава Карижинского. "La nuit des vides" (2006)


"La nuit des vides" (2006)

Kneel to pray

Hate me now. Kill all within my hands. Hate me now
Crush all within my hands. Squeeze all within my hands.
Choke all within my hands.

James Hetfield

Deformed, distressed, abused and broken
The recent magic’s diamond token
That’s what you are, no more relieving.
The rebel in my blood is seething

The beautiful is wormy one.
The strong is vile and sick himself.
No rite for honorable who’s gone,
The glory’s for defiled and pelf.

Dark atmosphere burns up with rage
Like saprophagous lustful mould,
The sarcophagus of our age,
Consuming smother to behold

Destroy the stars, tear out the sky
None cometh to this dying place
In face of nothing let it die
And let it bleed out soul’s remains

In face of nothing
Kneel to pray!!!

La nuit des vides

Chaque moment d’esperance
Et chaque cierge a s’eteindre
Meurt pour la delivrence
Les mirages tristes et tendres

Le fantom d’une vague
S’a tue pour la mer
Songes creux je divague
Songes sombres a la terre

Crochent sur l’aveux mais pauvres
A sagner tout ses reves
Du jour ou la de l’aube
Jusqu’a la nuit d’la seve

Ils parfois nous deciment
Avec poison timide
Pour s’humilier, s’en lime
Est-ce tu la nuit des vides?

Est-ce tu la nuit des vides?

It won't last long

In their pursuit
To watch the world with eyes of kindness
My star has died
Like fallen fruit
It rots beneath the trees in darkness
We’ve lost the fight

And those who placed
Their burning souls for false compassion
Are now to crave
And those who chased
The beauty, died for blindest passion
The beauty’s slaves

And this malign thought entropies
Back down to dust where we belong
Hold on the path – not memories
I know for sure it won’t last long

We’re swept away
By hands of what we really are
I don’t betray
I bury lies so deep, so far…

Seal beaten lips
And I would close my eyes with you
This life that drips
When haven’t found the worthy clue

In cold shall we
Forget this life like mother’s song
That’s what we see
I promise you it won’t last long

Music of depths

Like the path through all times starlight falls down on earth
Orbs of night shimmering like the smoldering hearth
And the voices I hear from the silence of skies
Are like voices of light in my lonesome disguise

Leading soul through the fear to the sources of life
Through the dark of our aeons cruel and glistering and blithe
Like the wool guiding thread from our gathering death
Smooth like salutary song that is now far and deaf

Take me there by the hand; take me to the pale light
I’ve got lost on my way through this unending night
Give me serums of truth and the conscience of past
While this journey of mine I am staking on cast

Night wolves smell out my trace and the lynx follows me
Voices from unknown depths leading me lulling me
Through the scent of the midnight I feel sands of shore
Once my lost avid soul aeons ago had adored

The one who dwells within

Red iron ochre deluge the dormant sky
The mirror pool uncovered depths of gloom
The bed of heath where all my secrets die
Reveals no name but ghost of empty room

With songs that flow into my cadent tears
And melt within my impecunious heart
The one I dreamt of was the clue to fear
The one who dwells within me torn apart

Andres aut vincere aut mori
Ares aedem. Ares vincit omnia
Nec tecum possum vivere nec sine te

As stars do gather up
To give their sheen for thee
I slay mine injured heart
Shine on this heart, prithee

The gibe of ancient king
Thrilled fevers in mine soul
And mine cadaverous wing
Endureth avid fall

Abominate myself
The dry weed I embrace
From my uneven breath
Become the awesome grace

Truth is silence

Remember how we burned
The endless night, our last desire
And in the gleam of heathen fire
Inherited our virtue’s dead

Misanthropy is what returned
Our weakness taken from all reasons
In this unending dying season
We smother in waste ruth ahead

Sinking in darkness
Of our inarticulate grief
In joyful blindness
Where we were blessed so shy and lief

And now awaken
By things that were absurd before
Opened our eyes to see
It’s true for more

The wisdom is for sly
The perfumes of our lust and warmth
Sleeps with eternity and storm
In wasted memory of mine

The wolfheart beats alive
To heal the blood from slumber’s seeds
This wreckage to destroy my needs
For something wild and so divine

The god of slaves is dying in my heart…

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