ARDALLION - Сайт Вячеслава Карижинского. "Drone Wasted Earth" (2006)


"Drone Wasted Earth" (2006)

The endtime

Take me by the hand
My new home, you understand,
Calls me,
Calls me our of here

Move me out of life
As cold rain strew up the night
Stormed out
To my faded tears

There was no surprise
If I couldn’t ever rise –
Fall to
See the destiny

Shadows haunted me
And I die alone for creed
Know it,
Know it was not me

You believed it’s not the end.
And we’d meet there once again
From this world that suffocates.
At the blood stained glory gates

Not of joy you can’t return
Not of pain I leave to burn
But of treasons swallowed us
Cursing laps that worship dust

But I surely know it won’t
Won’t be nothing there to bond
But our bodies underneath

Ever cold ground, raven dusk
Wasted Earth devoured us
Pale dome heavens know belief

(Like the somber paint of scars, like two dead stars – I still pursue your eyes.
All that music cannot say, you take your way – I know I’ll never rise)

Neither love, nor pity me
There my world collapsed so mean
Memories hunting down inside

I was born with broken wings
Watch them fly to rainbow rings
Let this human joy reside

So long, so long

What can I say to those who love?
Doubt fell in me entire
What can I say to those who carve
Their love as ancient lie?

What can I say to anyone?
A moment of new lie
In this dilemma I melt down
To everlasting “why?”

I am the wolf among the wolves
Who kills the snow white dove
Who dreams of silly words that solve
Their lives when they have love

You say to me with rummy smile:
“Why are your eyes so green”?
So I’m alive just for a while
But seized by pain within

That kindness strewn into my heart
Holds back the fire in me
And soon I know that we should part
To stay forever free

Why do you come into my dreams
To tease me one more time?
Into my dying dream that seams,
From which I wake up cryin’

When the dark was done

2006 reworked

Aalenian domes
(Black veil)
Domerian stonelines
(Lie cold)
Yorkian rains
Astonished abers
(Deep core)

My love, I’ve seen
The vast flood coming
To end of lands
In through my sobbing

Fear vanished last, the garnet maars
Were burning like the million fires
Expanding vengeance wad came through
I was outlier – recalling you
My clastic heart, dust of Adyr
Had neither strength to waste last tear
Nor sun to see ‘neath fallen fern
And ash flow streams carrying the sands

Your sapphire eyes
Watched cruelty

Your topaz rings
Your amber diadems
Mantle of gods

Your cherub’s sardonyx
And growing ice
Above the Endrumpf

Your agate doors
Your emerald thrones
Le verd antique
Papillions belles

{So there I lain in freezing dod grave
Anear the drafts…
Chryochore’s depth
Was neverending,
Belonite dart I clenched tight in my hand.
Cadaver earth
Slept silently with her albertite veins}

Merchild of mine, where shall we walk again?
Star River calls when heavens we denied
There high above the dusk abode of slain
Lynn was so ours and every tear has dried

Living to overdose

Mien of fop and the step of the lope
Fixing your surf with the smile
You are addicted to marvellous dope
Checking for rush oh, so wild

Getting the speeds from the physical shit
Searching for more to possess
Look for your body that you cannot cheat
Crack shows the need to confess

Feelings that shoot you – still nobody knows
You’re running forever again
Playing your part – play till malady grows
Like trite sickly boring refrain
Oh, human savior
The total failure
Oh, you my rival
Pray for survival

Monster inside and the angel in face
Putting the sad visions through
Holograms broken you downfall in haze
Who gives a fuck if you do?

Pity discrete, will devour more
Blasting with scattering foam
Life of the favourite is life of the whore
Caught unaware in the storm

Who killed the sun in your imbecile eyes?
Whose chic has left you exposed?
Push in your veins little piece of the skies
Living until overdose

Oh, human fracture
You seek for rapture
Go kneel your idol
Pray for survival!

The circle is perfection

Let us born like sparkles in the twilight
Beautiful as calm midwinter song
Let us burn like sunlit shining diamonds
Treasure trove that silent years belong

Let us bloom with all the strength of inner
Light ascent that changes all the world
Raise your hand as undivided winner
With your breath that galaxies enfold

Years would go through all success and failure
Love will fade so long before your life
And your soul as lost and lonesome sailor
Will pursue the tempest as it’s rife

Cold betrayal would build another kingdom
Ark of search for something warm and new
What you feared would turn to living wisdom
Everyday like ever morning dew

Let us part without the words of railing
No abuse, no sorrow, no retreat
Let us die to set our souls for sailing
Leave this place for someone else’s feet

Biomorphic elemental formations of Sansara wheel martyr outburst

Peer at your name
Of thousand years
Trace of the flame
Unquenched by tears

This primal broth
Boils with our lives
Exhausting troth
O’ersaturate hives

No sacrifice, no fortress, no relic
The ugly one’s born to this life again
The filth of mad metamorphosis trick
With plea for death and neverending pain

This moaning mass feels hunger to exist
The plankton soul crawls slowly to the sea
And every cell inside of it resists
The entropy that’s growing undeceived

The gods of hate that reign chaotic spheres
Do always make us pay for someone’s guilt
And we return from nowhere right back here
To suffer more – the same old work repeat

And beauty is contagious with decay
The lonely spirits are imprisoned in
Their dying bodies, melting down as clay –
Drone wasted earth is wholly maimed preteen

Prepare yourself to kill – no wavering
Prepare yourself for death – it’s just release
To other form that springs up severing
From this eternal tormentors’ disease


The burning spheres collapsing in my eyes
Are breathing in the fire dance of aeon
Full circles spin in demonic disguise
And wash the unborn universe till clean

The unforgiven planet reaps defeat
The black-winged prophets scythe the utter truth
And pendulums sway back to our feet
Our painted graves adorned with cloven hoof

Sooth dwell beyond – the seas are echoing
The howling matter weeps her lament song
The symmetry chromatics beckoning
Sooth dwell beyond – I hear from serpent’s tongue

As torn out stars would crash onto themselves
And sharp-clawed roots eat up the poisoned earth
The vagrant totems shaking rusty bells
Will summon fire from antecedent hearth

I’ll watch them fade; I’ll watch them die as one
Upon the hand of Kron with no remorse
I greet the realm of dark devoured sun –
The creeping thief who steals the universe

Even on your knees

Boiling with larvae in your rotting heart
Pious disease deforming wretched face
Falling to pieces you’re the stinking shard
Liquids of smolder tie you up in brace

Voice mutilated, purulent limbs crash
Vomiting life with venom till it bleeds
Curse life forever – here’s the coming splash
Thousand knives heart – your suffer they can feed

Hail the darkness! (Persecute your hope)
Torn from kindness (Illusion to ensnare)
In your blindness! (Where you still could grope)
Reap the madness! (To rip without a care)

The ugly substance with polluted mouth,
Abomination takes your dying mind
Dense profound place, the suffocation’s tough
Threshing your bones in everlasting grind

Eat up the dead, sepulchral raising smell
Taste of the grave is taste of life as is
Sick strangled heart in agony would swell
Curse light forever even on your knees!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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